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Testimonials and Memories from Alumni

"I have always loved music. My mother told me that I was singing even before I could talk . . . singing has always been a way for me to express my thoughts when speaking became difficult. The Green Bay Boy Choir became a group where I could express myself on a regular basis.

Beyond the unforgettable friendships that I have made, the Boy Choir has allowed me to travel all over: from Chicago and Minneapolis to the west coast and up into Canada. Our overseas trips to Ireland, Austria, and the Czech Republic were amazing and I learned so much about other cultures while also learning about myself.

I want to thank all of the directors, teachers, accompanists, and the parents who have chaperoned our trips all these years. I especially want to thank the other members of the choir. I will never forget you!" --Lunden Friberg, 11-year member

"I have been a part of the Green Bay Boy Choir since third grade. I remember the original Voyager Choir I started in with Mrs. Green as director. Only three members of that group, Mark J, Michael, and myself, stuck with the choir each year since. Being part of the choir for ten years largely impacted my life. Not only was it good to meet kids my age, it was great because of the lessons it taught through the performances: Be patient, be prepared, be flexible.

I always remember my first year at the Voice Discovery Camp, looking up at the older guys and wanting to be like them, leading camp songs like “Hida Hida, “ “Duchess at Tea,” and “Yonder Come Day.” The touring choirs allowed me to have some of the best times of my life; traveling to the Pacific Northwest, Twin Cities, Chicago, Czech Republic, and Australia and New Zealand. I remember on the trip in a coach bus traveling to Chicago trying to convince Roy we were actually traveling to Kansas. No more than fifteen minutes into it, a semi truck with the print “ Kansas City, MO.” rolls by the bus window. With these trips came great opportunities to explore culture and music. We performed in concerts with world renowned conductors Bob Chilcott, Andre Thomas, and many others in places like Dvorak Hall and the Sydney Opera House.

Though I intend to major in Aerospace engineering, I will always let music into my life as it has always been there. I believe a life without music, is a life without life.” --Steven, graduate of West High School:

“While sitting in my second grade music class playing with my favorite bendy pencil, my teacher mentioned a summer program for boys interested in singing. I was not interested in singing, so I continued to focus on my pencil. She told the class all about this training camp that gave young musicians a chance to be a part of the Green Bay Boy Choir. I was not interested in the Green Bay Boy Choir. Then my teacher told us how the Boy Choir toured all around the world and spent days at a time away from home … I dropped the pencil.

Ten years later, I look back at that moment as one of the defining points in my life. A passion for music eventually grew around my desire to travel, and it has influenced everything I have ever done. The Green Bay Boy Choir changed me from a pudgy, nervous, awkward little boy, into a pudgy, stage-loving, music-making giant. At Ashwaubenon High School, I participated in Concert Choir, Show Choir, musicals, Solo & Ensemble, Spring Play, and One-act Play competitions, all because of the confidence and eagerness to perform embedded in me by the Green Bay Boy Choir.

I know from personal experience how hard it is for a boy to be a singer. I remember the strange looks from peers and adults as I ducked out of football practice early for a choir rehearsal. To the kids feeling like they are wrong or different for singing, I can only stress how much it will pay off in the future. By the time you reach high school, being a singer is something others will respect you for, not to mention, the ladies don’t mind it at all. I have made friendships over the years that I will hold with me for the rest of my life. If I had quit choir because it wasn’t the “cool” thing to do, I never would have met guys like Mike, Josh, Nathan, and Steven.

In college, I will continue singing in the many choirs they have there. I wish all my friends in our graduating class the best of luck out in the world in whatever it is they choose to do, and I thank the Green Bay Boy Choir for bringing us all together, teaching us to sing, and making us a family.” –-Mark (the “other” Mark of Ashwaubenon High)