Voyageur Children's Choir

Welcome to the spring 2021 semester - pandemic 2.0 style! Rehearsals are off to a great start and the new masks are looking very spiffy...and all that singing room, yay! Thanks for participating in the Voyageur Choir this spring. It's going to be a great semester with a lot of great music in store for the members. Each week we tackle not only reading the notes on the page and singing in tune, but also finding the meaning behind the text, how it makes us feel, being aware of how the music we're singing ties into the world's current events! Our spring concert theme is A New Day, and boy, oh boy....the music that Voyageur's are practicing is helping all of us focus on what a new day brings - pandemic or not. Thanks again Voyageur families for all of your continued support and participation. This choir means a great deal to myself and accompanist, Susan Romey. We appreciate and care about all of you! Happy singing to all :D


Liz Chavez - Director
Susan Romey - Accompanist

Voyageur Rehearsal Time: 4:00-5:00 p.m. each Sunday

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