Far more than training voices . . . we are training hearts!

Accordo - Split between a boy choir and a girl choir, The Accordo Boys and Accordo Girls Choirs is our High School level choir directed by Herb Berendsen.  The Accordo choirs come together to perform SATB songs as well as perform as separate choirs.  This choir leads our touring choirs.

Licenza - Directed by Mark Peot and organized like Accordo, this middle school girls choir trains in many of the same skills as our Accordo choir, they work with the Nicolet choir to sing SATB songs as well as singing multipart girls songs. This choir also tours in the summer with Accordo and Nicolet.

Nicolet - Also directed by Mark Peot, Our Middle School level boys choir is made up of boys with unchanged voices. They work with not only Licenza but will work with the Accordo Boys for further development.  They get to tour with Accordo and Licenza during the summer.

Voyageurs - Our entry level mixed choir with children aged 6-12 years old.  Singing music with multiple parts our Voyageurs choir performs challenging music that prepares them to continue on to our older choirs.  Directed by Liz Chavez, this is our main training choir that will take part in an annual overnight trainers tour.