Green Bay Boy & Girl Youth Choirs of St. Norbert College Newsletter
Published February 1st, 2024

-Happy February and welcome to the Spring semester!  It was so great to see everyone this past Sunday at our first rehearsal.  We have quite a few new members this semester! All returning members please welcome all of our new faces and show them the ropes!  As always, please reach out to Noah ( with any questions or concerns.  

-On Sunday, February 11th, we are going to have a special all group rehearsal from 2:00 - 4:00 pm at Dudley Birder Hall. We will rehearse and do a couple of group activities so everyone can get a chance to meet each other.  We will have some light snacks available for the members as well.  If anyone wants to send along a snack or a treat for the groups you are more than welcome! FYI for new members-we usually have an alternate rehearsal schedule every year so no one has to miss the Super Bowl (even if the Packers are not in it this year!).  

-In case anyone missed the email with all of the information and the schedule for the semester-you can access it HERE.

-We are looking for a volunteer to check in/out our middle choir group every other Sunday.  If that is something that interests you or you have any questions about how it works, reach out to Noah.  

-If you have a friend that has interest in joining the choir you are more than welcome to bring them to a rehearsal so they can see what we are all about.  Just let Noah or your choir director know ahead of time so we can make sure they are accounted for.  Also, if you refer a member you get $100.00 taken off your fundraising commitment!

-Speaking of fundraising, members will be selling Spring concert tickets to go towards their fundraising commitment.  The link for concert tickets will go out to members in the next couple of weeks.  We will also be doing a kringle fundraiser with Uncle Mike’s Bakery in the early Spring.  Look for more information soon!  

-Sadly we had to cancel our tour for the middle and advanced groups this June as we did not have enough members sign up.  We fully intend on resuming tours in 2025!  Contact Choir Tourbucks at to see how you can make some money to put towards tours!

Important dates to remember:


Greetings Green Bay Boy & Girl Youth Choirs Families,

Welcome to spring semester!  The choir directors are so excited to see everyone and get back into the swing of rehearsals.  There were many new faces at the first rehearsal this past Sunday and as always, great to see all of our returning members.  It’s exhilarating to launch into the start of rehearsals because members get to see all of their spring concert music and connect or reconnect with their peers.  We have a full lineup of really great pieces for members to learn, so attendance at rehearsals each week is crucial to their growth as a singer and for the choir’s overall success.

As we dive into the spring semester, we would like to take the time to reiterate that when members come to rehearsal, it’s important that middle and high school students bring their music binder and that ALL members bring a water bottle.  Choir members should arrive a few minutes prior to the start of rehearsal to make sure they have all materials and have time to get settled so that we can begin making music on time.

Finally, the choir directors and all staff want to share with our families that we work hard to develop our choir member’s voices and musicality, but we also focus on the importance of teamwork, responsibility, active participation, and respectful behavior.  Our philosophy and mission as we teach our youth is that “we are far more than training voices….we are training hearts!”  Thank you for supporting us with this goal and encouraging choir members with our goals and philosophy. 

Thank you,

Liz Chavez
Elementary Choir Director


In the event of an emergency, if you cannot reach your child directly, call campus safety at 920-403-3299.