Green Bay Boy & Girl Youth Choirs of St. Norbert College Newsletter
Published November 24th, 2023

-HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  We are so thankful for our members, staff, volunteers and parents that have supported us as we have made the transition to SNC.  Remember, no rehearsal this coming Sunday, November 26th.  Have a great Holiday weekend!

-Only one more rehearsal before the concert!  On Sunday, December 3rd, all choirs will rehearse from 4:00 - 6:30 pm.  Please be sure to bring along bottled water and a snack. There will be some down time between groups rehearsing so feel free to bring any kind of game, or even homework!  We just ask that no tablets are brought to the rehearsal.  Members DO NOT need to wear all black to the dress rehearsal, just the day of the concert.

-Concert attire!  For the Holiday concert on 12/10 members will need to wear all black (including socks and shoes).  Make sure your shoulders, midriff, knees and toes are covered! Please no bare legs.  Black bottoms should be as near to shoe length as possible.  Black dresses are allowed, but please make sure they are an appropriate length.  Nothing sleeveless is allowed.  Black coats are optional.  Ties and bow ties are optional.  Please reach out to Noah if you have any questions or concerns on this.  Thanks!

-As the concert is getting closer and closer, remember your fundraising commitment!  Our main way of fundraising will be by selling tickets to our Holiday and Spring concerts.  Everyone was sent a link for themselves that they will provide to anyone wanting to buy tickets from them.  Each ticket that you sell goes towards your $300.00 fundraising commitment.  Find your name and get your ticket link here: 

Holiday 2023 Concert Referall Links

If you wish to not participate in the fundraising commitment you can do a direct payment of $250.00 and it will fulfill your commitment for the year.  That can be done here.

-MIDDLE AND ADVANCED CHOIR GROUPS-Registration is in process for our 2024 LA Tour! If you received the google form about the tour and have not filled it out, please do so whether you plan on going on the tour or not. If you haven't seen the form yet you can fill it out here. Registration for the trip is very low so it would really help for everyone to fill out the form so we can gather data and make sure everything is a go!

-IMPORTANT! Anyone that is on a payment plan for the semester or season-please be sure you are following your due dates and sending a check along to rehearsals that can be given to Noah or your choir director.  All payments for the Fall season must be received before the concert on December 10th. Thank you!

Spring Registration is coming very soon!  If you registered for the whole season this is not something you will need to fill out.  If you only registered for the Fall semester then you will need to register again.  We will send this information out to everyone as soon as we have it.  Also, recruit new members!  For every new member that joins because of you recruiting them, you get $100.00 towards your fundraising credit! Spring semester will begin on January 28th.

Important dates to remember:

To our fantastic singers and their families,

As we near the holiday season,  I want to say thank you on behalf of the Artistic Team!

I’m proud of how hard our students are preparing for the upcoming Winter Concert and we can’t wait to share the wonderful music.

Students please take care of yourselves over the next couple of weeks as we push toward our performance.  We need everyone at their best.  Also, please remember to get your concert posters out in the community.  We want to sing for a big audience!

Finally, enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday with your family and friends.  I look forward to singing with you soon.


Mark D. Peot

Green Bay Boy & Girl Youth Choirs of St. Norbert College


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